Onsite Service

Onsite service allows our technicians to perform basic to moderate support at your residence to resolve the problems that you are experiencing.

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Instore Service

In-store service enables our technicians to utilize an array of tools to work on your devices and machines to get them working again as quickly as possible.

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Remote Service

Remote Service establishes a secure connection to your computer from our office. This service is designed if you would rather not have a technician visit or you can’t bring your device in store.

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Data Recovery

If the unexpected happens, we will work hard to recover your data with our advanced hardware and software solutions. We are able to recover any amount of data on an array of devices.

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We offer in-store sales for products ranging from basic computer accessories to standard home networking solutions. In addition to in-store stock, we can order products for you to eliminate the technical questions and doubt.

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Book an Appointment

Need help with a computer problem? Have a question about purchasing a new computer? Get in touch with us! We can setup an appointment so that we can answer your questions and resolve your problem as soon as possible!

support@ecscny.com (315)682-6372